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What is Sake?

Sake is a fermented alcoholic drink made from rice. Although it is often referred to as ‘rice wine’, the way it is produced is much more similar to beer. In Japan, the term “sake” just means alcohol – you could be referring to beer, spirits or wine. If you are specifically talking about the drink made from rice then it’s known as “nihonshu”, which means Japanese alcohol made from rice.

Types of Sake

We serve four main types of saké here- the difference between them is judged off how much the rice grain has been milled (seimaibuai).
JUNMAI Junmai translates to “pure rice” which means no alcohol has been added. The rice has been polished down to over 60% resulting in a full-bodied and often dry saké with earthy notes.
GINJO Rice polished down to at least 60% of its original size, light and delicate with fruity and aromatic notes.
DAIGINJO Rice polished down to at least 50% of its original size. Light bodied, dry with hints of fruit and floral characteristic such as pears, melon and tropical fruits like ripe banana, this is the most luxurious tasting of sakés.
NIGORI Directly translating to cloudy sake, this sake will sometimes be referred to as “unfiltered” however it is just that the filtering process uses not as fine as a filter thus the cloudiness. This sake has sweet tastes with a fruity nose and should be enjoyed with spicy cuisine.